July 3, 2014

Mouth Watering Pickle

Every year in the summer vocation we use to go to Andhra to visit my granny and ofcourse to explore the Mango orchard. Mangoes are the king of fruits which is my favourite too. i dont just eat the mangoes, i will take all ripe bangani palli mangoes for preparing Jam and raw mangoes for pickles. very traditional Andra Aavaka pickle is very tasty and famous. I totally love the Andra style pickles.

this time i joined with my sister in law to prepare it and to store for a year. we started the mission.
the fresh raw mangoes plucked from the garden, neatly chopped by brother.Mustard powder, chilly powder, turmeric powder, sesame oil and salt... and we added the ingredients one by one and mixed well. the nice aroma that came out while mixing made me to taste it before storing. it was yummy yet spicy...then we took a clean dry glass Jar and to store the pickle then i poured more oil and mixed well so that the oil should raise on top of the pickle and looks like a thin film which prevents the pickle getting spoiled...

the colour and taste of the pickle was so apealing. its a treat for eyes too...

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