December 30, 2014

Well groomed Handsome

My neighbour Ritika aunty son satish is very charming and adorable in his school days and we were childhood friends. Later his father go transferred to Hardoi a city in Uttar Pradesh. Thus they left Chennai and i got to know that satish joined in a residential school in Nainital.
As the days passed by we lost contact with them. Later on I grown up and completed my studies and joined in a job. In my office i saw a guy who was quite stubble with a shabby look. I didn’t like neither his look nor i liked to speak with him.
         My parents started to see a groom for me through a wedding broker. They picked few of the grooms pictures with decent back ground given by the broker and shoved on me.
Though i was not interested to marry at that time i just flipped through the photos. A well groomed handsome guy grabbed my attention. I liked his appearance and selected him without a second thought.
He came to see me on a fine day with his family, then they have told that he too works in the same office where i work and he knows me well. Then only i realised that i fell in love with the same guy whom i never preferred to have a look because of his stubble face and the most happiest thing is that he is none other than my childhood sweetheart satish. Yes the same Ritika aunty’s son.
        Colourful butterflies started fluttering around me and i felt singing like “ippadi oor nalluravu vaaiththiduma? Veettu kulle vinmeengal poothiduma”
        Thats how my sweetheart stolen my little heart, with well groomed appearance.

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Lets fly to Melbourne

Melbourne one of the most sophisticated cities of the world and dream destination for me just like anyone else, which is situated in the south- East corner of mainland Australia. Melbourne is the capital city and also a very populous city in Australia.

I heard people saying that the melbourne is a city of vibrant energy, restaurants, fashion boutiques, café-filled laneways, cool bars, unbeatable galleries, spacious parks and village-like inner suburbs, each with its own special character. Melbourne is a young city and as such it never sits still. Modern, cutting-edge designs add to the fascinating mix of heritage architecture and the most livable city of the world.

The city hosts visitors from all around the world. The  population is made up of many groups of people of all ages and from many different cultures. Melbourne is one of the safest, healthiest, and cleanest cities in the world. It supports Melbourne's position as Australia's pre-eminent centre for arts and culture, education, dining and shopping.

The Climate of Melbourne city has moderate and frequent changeable climatic condition. One should be ready to face the unpredictable weather conditions.

 Summer is the best time to head out to visit the amazing golden beaches and in autumn one can experience the glorious beauty of the European-style parks.  Cosy cafes and bars is the best place which makes the tourists comfortable in the winter. Spring is  a great time to head back into our parks and revel in the beautiful parks and gardens. one can enjoy their visit through out the year at Melbourne as we can enjoy the place in all the four seasons.

Melbourne is famous for its community festival Moomba and cultural events like architecture, literature, film and television as it is the birth place of Australian film and Television.
Melbourne attracts not just me alone it attracts many number of tourists because of its  breath taking and famous tourists spots like
1.The landmark Regent Theatre holds an important  part in the city’s history since opening as a grand picture palace in 1929 and continues to host some of the world’s most renowned theater productions.
2.Hosier Lane has some hidden treasures of the beautiful lanes of Melbourne.
3.Shrine of Remembrance which is the most iconic landmark, where Victorians have been coming since 1934 to honour the service and sacrifice of Australian men and women in war.
4.Yarra River is the Ganges of Melbourne and the banks of river is good for trekking.
5.Lygon Street south of Elgin is known as the food paradise and one can enjoy fresh pasta, coffee, pastries etc and chill around at the place.

you can get more details in Come alive in melbourne or you can browse through Australia website.
"which of  these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?"

December 28, 2014

Tell the truth

                                              Kinley 2014 TVC

When My Parents started to find a Life partner for they picked few photos from the Wedding broker.
One Guy was so handsome though he is not so fair or well settled. My parents first liked him and felt ok to go on with this alliance and exchanged the photos with their family.

So things were going on right track with his family we exchanged our contact numbers and started conversing with each other. Meanwhile we both understood each other and fell in love with each other.
On one fine day my parents announced that alliance wont work out so they started finding someone again.

as i was in love with him i continued talking with him. but i was feeling guilty. that day when i reached home fully worn out. my mom gave me a chilled water of kinley, having water i felt relaxed but i couldnt resist telling the truth.

so i opened up the matter about him. they felt happy for telling the truth and went on to fix the wedding day...

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December 7, 2014

Be Clean & Keep Clean

India, the most prosperous and developed nation of the world, which is rich in all the resources, which envied the foreign nations for clean, clear and pure surroundings. but now it seems like loosing its glory. but we ourselves have the solution for this problem. We, every Indian is responsible for our Present situation and we are capable of making our future bright and Glorious like before. 

Our Mother land is quite precious. we have to pass it to our next generation in a better shape, which we got from our ancestors. We became lazy and so we shirk our duties so easily just by blaming others for these problems. 

A Neighbour of mine is one such person who stand in her balcony to brush her teeth and spit the litter on the road, whenever she buys fish she makes  the vendor to clean it and throws away the waste on the road, it wont end up with that she throws away the leftover food etc on the road. not only that we pollute the natural resourses like air, water and soil. 

Soil Pollution: we dump solid waste like littering plastic bags-bottles, plaster of Paris statues, pesticides and then reluctantly there are epidemics like Dengue, Plague etc and we hold the government responsible for this.

Air Pollution: Carbon - di - Oxide and carbon mono oxide emitting from vehicles, bursting fire-crackers, burning of tyres on festivals

Water Pollution: we dump industrial waste into Rivers and Oceans. 

Sanitation and hygiene begin at our Homes and spread over to public places. Our children learn hygienic habits from us. It is our duty to teach our children good sanitation and hygiene habits.our good hygiene and sanitation practice will surely transform India at large for the better environment and brighter future.

                                                                Banega Swachh India! 

RB (formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser) has partnered with NDTV and Facebook to launch “Dettol – Banega Swachh India” – a 5 year ambitious program to address the rising need of hygiene and sanitation in India. The campaign will aim at creating awareness about the importance of hygiene and sanitation, and also work with NGO partners to support infrastructure for construction and maintenance of toilets. RB India has committed to spend a sum of Rs.100 crores towards this program over a period of the next 5 years.' 

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Say No to Pre-Marital Sex

It is essential to teach our young ones about sex before marriage and it is our duty to create awareness among young girls to school kids.

One day while having a girly talk with my niece who is a college goer then telling about her male friends. Then i told her that you do whatever you want and enjoy to the core but when it comes to the three letter word called SEX, Just say NO to pre-marital sex.

Many people may tell you to have sex before you get married, because of the fast growing living together culture and you might be influenced by the romance novels, you would see the blushing heroine seduced by the dashing hero, and they have sex and then babies, and marriage is involved somewhere there, but pre – marital sex is not good.

Sex and Marriage are two different entities and they should not be mixed. It is our culture to “save yourself” till you get married, for which the the whole world bows its head. Sex is just a part of life, which you can enjoy after marriage till then

enjoy life until you meet your Prince charming who would really not care who you have been with, because he/she will see you for who you are, with all your good, bad, ugly, fun, beautiful, flaky, creative, boring, wonderful bits, and love all of you. As i ended my speech with a full stretch she felt happy and headed out to do some gardening.

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Drive safely, Live Happily

The Nissan Safety Driving Forum has started an initiative for road safety in India. A very good initiative in the days of rising road traffic issues and lack of safe-driving-sense in the current days.Thanks to NSDF team for initiating a noble cause and I am glad to be a part of this Programme.
Due to high prices everyone needs to have a own vehicle for their comfort, hence there is a sudden crescendo in the number of vehicles that are put on roads. safety starts from every responsible driver.

Few useful points that would save life of the driver and his fellows while on wheels.

1.  Proper training from registered driving schools.
2.  Follow traffic rules. This would be the first and foremost rule for every driver and the                          Indian Government has always emphasized its importance on traffic rules. Violators                            must and should be penalised.
3.  Proper use of indicators while taking any turn. Many drivers who do not show indicator                      signals of their vehicles and suddenly take a right or a left turn disrupting the traffic flow                      behind them, which leads to accidents at times.
4.   Avoid drink and drive.
5.  Wear helmet while riding a two-wheeler, which provides protection from major injuries                      to head and prevents the person life-threatening dangers caused by road accidents.
6.  Wearing seat-belts in a car to avoid risks caused by an accident.
7.  Avoid rash driving.

Do not rush on roads. If you are supposed to reach a place on time, start few minutes earlier than required. It is our duty to follow the traffic rules for our safety.

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December 6, 2014

Click your Destination

I just noticed the Happy hour contest in Indiblogger. Earlier i didnt get the opportunity to write for happy hour contests due to workload in office.

This time INDI asked to write 5 most interesting places i would like to visit for AIRBNB. so i would like to grab this wonderful opportunity to scribble my dream tourist destinations. so here it goes...

My wish list of tourist destinations i love to visit:-

Dolores Park: Nested in the Sun
20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114, United States

Dolores Park in United states is one of the best place i love to visit. it would be nice to spend time with my sweetheart there.

private so/co 1930's Bungalow
Newning Ave, Austin, TX 78704, United States

Tyler's Butterfly Bungalow in Austin looks so amazing and welcoming...

Entire Vintage Houseboat AMS Centre
Da Costakade, Amsterdam, North Holland 1053 WJ, Netherlands

The photos and description provided are absolutely inviting and watery everywhere and it looks
beautiful around.

Multi Award winning luxury B & B
Sunbird, Krugersdorp, Gauteng 1753, South Africa

south africa meant diamonds for everyone but i love to roam around and admire the beauty of the this wonderful place.

Design Apt at St Germain Des pres

Rue des Saints-Pères, Paris, Île-de-France 75007, France

France is always my favourite tourist destination...

October 12, 2014

One Evening @ Injambakkam Sai Baba Temple

Sai Baba temple in Injambakkam, on ECR road is one of my favourite temple since from my school days. I just love this Temple especially for its calmness.  It is a 17-year old construction by Guruji C.B. Satpathy. The temple is prominent among the locals as Saipuram. This Time I travelled with my family driving next to Prarthana drive in theatre in to the arch of saipuram through which one can enter into the premises of the temple and  through the gates of the temple built in seven acre estate.

kanchipuram kamakshi amman temple

After having Darshan in the heavy rain we moved to kanchipuram kamakshi amman temple. There kids took blessings from the Temple Elephant offering money.  

My Nephew was too scared of the giant animal and hesitated to go near the Elephant. His sister insisted him to take blessing so somehow he gathered his courage and went forward to offer the bucks. when the elephant shook his body in a strange manner we all got scared and its Keeper signalled us to move on.

He then left the temple along with the rude elephant and another one was replaced in its place. 

As there is more time left out for darshan we went to ekambareswarar temple to finish up our pooja. Cute monkeys were playing around in a group on the temple of Kamakshi amman.

Look at the monkey sitting on the temple wall and watching the devotees passing by...
 Enjoying the environment and glancing at the shops we moved  on....all pictures were clicked by my Bro

October 10, 2014

Whitening Face Mask

Hello Every one... Happy Saturday to all out there...

Today is holiday for me, very tired of working over the weekdays and my skin got really tan due to travelling under the scorching sun...

So come along lets pick few things from kitchen and do Whitening Face Mask with Lemon, Honey, Yogurt and Egg.

Mix 4 teaspoons yogurt, 3 teaspoons honey, 3 teaspoons lemon juice and 1 egg white in a bowl. Apply it to clean and dry face. Wait 20 minutes and gently wash off with warm wather. Lemon and yogurt helps fade the marks that acne leaves behind & the combination with honey and egg white also reduces skin spots. Enjoy your natural looking skin!
The homemade Whitening Face Mask with Lemon, Honey, Yoghurt and Egg can be used two to three times a week and will stay fresh for 2 days in the refrigerator

September 13, 2014

Innocent Smile

While she was gifting me the sweet and innocent Smile. I stored her love in my mobile. I met this indian Beauty at Andhra Pradesh when I went there for a wedding...

A Click @ Temple

I went to Andhra Pradesh for my Cousin wedding. The Wedding was Planned at Satya Narayana Swami Temple. I got an opportunity to click this Picture there. 

September 8, 2014

Road Trip to Kancheepuram

It was a happy Road trip with family to Kancheepuram. we drove through the NH4 towards Kancheepuram and First headed to Varadha raja Perumal Temple which is well known as Balli (Lizard)Temple because there is a golden lizard and a silver lizard in the temple. 

There is a pond inside the temple. we shoved some puffed rice to the fishes in the pond.
My niece is watching the fishes gobbling the puffed rice thrown by us.

Watching the fishes 

A white horse was peacefully having its meal while we clicked some pictures here and there.
Grazing at ease
The Museum is beautifully sculpted out of Rock with intricate designs.
Beautifully sculpted out of rock



                  Bullet wood Flower / Magilampoo / Mimusoopi enengi