June 21, 2013

My Gourmet Party

My angel my Mom's birthday is around the corner.This is the perfect time to host a surprise birthday party with family and friends.Unfortunately i am sick for sometime by then kitchens of india came to my rescue to host a wonderful party.

i want to celebrate her birthday in a special way in a special place so that it will always remain a prfect birthday ever.we have our anstreal mango orchard.i with the help of my cousins decorated the one part of the orchard with the balloons and festoons.bought my moms favourite fresh cream chocolate cake,then made phulkhas to serve with mughalai paneer and rice to serve with chicken dharbari and tasty hyderabadi chicken biryani mix from kitchens of india i got moong dal halwa and hazoori petha halwa to sweeten the tastebuds

Then finally more and more glasses of mango juice and mango salad to end the party...

It was a wonderful party that was enjoyed by everyone,especially my darling mom...
This post is written for the campaign #MyGourmetParty by Kitchens of India in association with IndiBlogger.

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