May 31, 2013


Hen is hatching its eggs in a house i visited in my recent trip.

Cute little toddler - 4

speaker flowers

I have found speaker flower after many years...

Hay stack

In city life its pretty tough to see a haystack.I have seen this first time in village and felt to click

Penning about Hen

The hen is happily eating the grains that is spread on the i took this opportunity to click it.i just loved its colour

Summer Bloom

This Jasmine is a new arrival to adorn my garden to spread its pleasant fragrance and mesmerize everyone with its beauty.  

Gala time with mehendi

Mehendi on my niece hand
Summer vacations has started so my niece wanna decorate her hands with colourful mehendi because in ordinary days she is not allowed to apply mehendi by her she want to enjoy applying mehendi in holidays.

Harshith hand
When my niece got her hand applied with mehendi my sweet little nephew running towards me asking to apply mehendi for him i applied mehendi on his hands too.after getting applied he asked me when to wash it.when i told him to dry it first so that he gets a good color he sat in a corner and kept blowing air with his mouth...
Neha hand

Nagamani hand
Nagamani came from our native,so i applied on her too...
Nagamani hand


After getting down at kavali railway station i clicked it with my mobile as my camera is somewhere inside my baggage...It was totally isolated at that time but luckily i have my own gang...

May 26, 2013

Cute little Toddler - 1

                                                    Toddler playing in a park at Tirupati.

cute little toddlers - 3

Baby doll after a head bath with a frizzy hair flying in the air...

Tatoo art - 1

Tatoo art

May 24, 2013


Our sweetie is practicising rangoli that i have taught her.Last year also she won the rangoli competition in her this year also i want her to win the first prize.and you know what she won first prize again...
Ofcourse my niece...

Angry Eggs

Me and my niece felt quite borig on a lazy saturday i have drawn on this eggs to entertain her.she played with them for quite sometime naming them and kept them ack into refridgerator.later i captured the moment with my mobile phone.look at those two cute lovely eggs sitting in a cartor.

Two lovely eggs are angry due to a misunderstanding.

An old man

I saw him at kavali Railway station from my train.He was eggig alms at this old age.i clicked this picture from moving train.The picture is not clear as i zoomed it to maximum level to capture his photograph.He might be abandoned by his children .


Bleeding Gums - A Warning Sign of unhealthy teeth

My nephew chintu is a active toddler with his sweet smile.I love his smile and his tooth which makes him look more smart.

Recently my sister visited me with her son Chitu.He is such a adorable and active boy.As she has to retun back soon.We went for a shopping to a shopping mall.While we were busy in shopping he was playing around inside the shop near us...

Chitu attracts everyone with his activeness and sweetness.After finishing our shopping we went to have dinner in a restaurant.He always orders Paratha but that day he ordered for curd rice but he didnt had it too.

After retuning back home he said his teeth is shaking.he was just 4 years old so we couldnt believe it.Milky tooth will start falling at the age of five only so we enquired him whether he hit anywhere,then he admitted that he hit his teeth against a grill near a staircase in the shop.We thought it will be ok but after a week of that incident his tooth fell off.we all wondered how it fell down at that tender age.I suggested my sister to consult a dentist but she neglected it due to work.In another few weeks another teeth fell down when his mom slapped him on his cheeks..

the next day i noticed blood while he is rushing so that day we took him to the dentist.He prescribed medicine and filled a small cavity in his teeth.Thats the end of his tooth problem.Now he is happy and his smile is back to rock ...So Never Ignore Warning Signs....

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 My Healthy Speak Blog. The moral of the story is Never Ignore Warning Signs.

May 20, 2013

Modern healthcare that touches lives

Thank you apollo for this modern pen drive

In olden days people are not aware of the diseases and its treatment.most people depend on ayurvedic medicines.Only very few people are aware of allopathy medicines ad treatment.People who lived in cities are no exemption.

Unlike olden days we are in fast moving life.Every day we are discovering new diseases as well as medicines for these dreadly disesases.

Iam one example for that.eventhough being in metro city like chennai, my parents are not aware of polio vaccination.So i got affected by the disease.

As this happened in just 70's.It took six months for the physicians to diagnose the fever as polio. by the time they have diagnosed my limbs has became very week.

but today modern health care has developed alot and has touching our lives with new inventions and with better treatment. I read in a magazine that polio has been completely eradicated from india.I am happy to see polio free country.Its all because of modern health care.

There is no doubt,that modern heath care that touches many lives today....

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May 17, 2013