June 30, 2012

Dove,My Love

Another Cute Gift hamper From Dove

This time iam not sure whether i will get the gift from Dove,as i have already received a lovely pack last time.But surprisingly i received dove Damage therphy gift hamper again.

It was unbelieveable that i received this lovely gift hamper from dove today.Thank you DOVE, my love for this Superb gift.I Love you Dove... Thanks Indiblogger for offering this to us...

June 17, 2012

Hair problems???No way....

Iam blessed with a thick,long,black,waist length cascade of hair,while my sister got a short and curly hair.Everybody appreciated my long hair.Hair is not much importance to me,so I never bothered to care or nourish it,but My mom used to oil it regularly and comb into two plaits and ties it like a pony tail with ribbons, Every friday she used to wash my hair with warm water and Kunkudukai(soap nuts) or shikakai powder.then she smokes my hair with sambrani after every head bath to prevent infections.it gives a nice fragrance to my hair and gives a mental relaxation too.After the school hours she braids my hair with different styles and decorates it with fresh jasmines and other seasonal flowers.

Even my sister loves to comb my hair,whenever she gets a chance to brush it she chops some of my long hair out of jealously.I cant even recognise it until my mom asks me why i cut my hair.Mom always took good care of my hair and combs it regularly with oil.

It was quite difficult for me to maintain such a long and heavy plaits of hair.so i often chop my hair into bob cut to make my sister ease.The beautician in the parlour collected my long tresses carefully to make an wig and some hair attachments. i never suffered from dandruff,lice or hair fall until i underwent a surgery for my leg.I was completely bedridden for more than six months.It took few more months for me to recover completely.The mental and physical stress i underwent reflected on my hair which i neglected in the course of treatment and physiotherapy etc.

My hair started thinning vigourously.whenever i comb my hair,bunch of hair came along with the comb.
I completely negelected  my hair care due to work presurre.This negligence led to total hair loss.by that time i went to my native to attend my cousin wedding.

When everyone is busy in dicussing about their jewels and saris one of my cousin asked me that question holding my plait." Akka,where is your hair?"
I was very much shocked  at the question and looked at my plait.

"hey,what do you mean?Cant you see my hair?"i asked in still shocking voice.

"Not this...earlier you used to have a thick hair,which i cant hold in single hand.now look at this"

"Yeah...she is right.Earlier you had a very thick and long hair,which i always yearned to have..." joined my

Everyone around there made same comments.For the very first time i realised the importance of hair,which enhances the beauty of every woman.after that incident,i started taking care of my hair.but in vain.every time i comb my hair,i lost thousands of strands each time.whenever i let my hair loose.the falling hair covers the floor of my house almost every nook and corner.

I worried of losing hair and it increased the stress more.a dermmatologist friend of mine,prescribed me a cream and asked me to use a mild shampoo and oil massage.i bought special wooden combs to preserve my left over locks and brushed it gently and regularly.I followed every tip hair care tip told by anyone and everyone.I consumed fresh juices,fruits,greeny vegetables etc.

The use of shampoo got me into the trouble of dandruff.so i tried all kind of shampoos available in stores and faced problems.atlast on one fine day, i got a dove gift hamper from indiblogger.Initially i was afraid to try any more new shampoo.so i gave it to my sister in law.she forgot to take it along with her.so i started using it without a heart of throwing it away.the regular use of this shampoo made a miracle.The mildness of that oil theraphy shampoo played a good role in preventing my hairfall.The hair was growing again and kept a fullstop to the hair fall and that was the end of my hair problems.now my hair gained more volume.it was not the same type of volume which i had earlier,but still i got enough to get the attention of other females,and get Wow...what a beautiful long hair kinda expressions in public.so iam very happy for getting my hair back.on my head with a pride.Its  Owner's pride and everyones envy...

Thanks to dove for helping me in bringing back my lovely hair and making the guys fell for my hair..
This is a real story written for '....and that was the end of my hair problems" the contest hosted by Dove  in Indiblogger.Vist the Dove hair aware app: