July 18, 2011

Art of Gardening

Gardening is one of the most relaxing hobby,which soothes our mind and body.Even a Small bloom gives us loads of and relieves us from tension.It gives immense pleasure to our soul.we feel totally relaxed watching the flowers in the early morning or in the evening.while sipping a cup of evening tea and breathing the sweet fragrance which floats in the breeze around is quite mind relaxing.here are few of the flowers from My Kinder Garden.

Red Rose

Does this Dashing beauty need any explanation huh????

Red Hibiscus

Hibiscus always remains as one of my favourite flower.it is called as Semparuthi in tamil,Mandharam in telugu,Gurhal in hindi.it is also called as china rose.The dried flowers are soaked in hair oil,and applied to hair.it is believed that it gives the shininess to the hair.It is easy to grow.It can be grown through stem cuttings.

White Hibiscus

This Flower of purity is a gift from one of my student few years back.It gives more than 15 flowers a days,which adores the idols of gods in my pooja room almost everyday.It can be grown through stem cuttings.The white hibiscus stem looks very thin.

Tube Rose

Tube rose is known as 'Sampangi' in tamil and telugu,'Rajini kantha' in hindi.its single flower spreads a lovely fragrance around.It is mostly used to make garlands and Perfumes.It can be grown through a bulb.

Double Delight Red hibiscus

This hibiscus we bought from a nursery few months back,which started flowering now with dashing red colour.It can be grown through stem cuttings.

Pink purslane

Some of the common names for this Portulaca flower are Purslane,Sun plant,Rose Moss and wax Pink etc.Its deep pink colour gives an awesome look to the frontyard.
It can also be grown through stem cuttings.just an inch of stem is enough to grow a new plant.

Crysanthamum bunch

It was a year's wait.My sister bought it a year back as a little plant.from then everyday i was waiting to see its bloom.last month it was full of tiny buds.everyday i eagerly went to terrace to check whether it has bloomed.yeah...atlast it bloomed now with beautiful yellow flowers spreading the pleasant fragrance all over...

Amaryllis belladona lily bud

Pink lilly bud is an another new beauty to our home.it blossomed as twins.thats a double damaka.This is also a bulb variety.These flowers are feast to eyes.

Amaryllis belladona lily

I love the colour and the flowers.

Spider Lily

This white angel is a new flower for me.i dont even know its name,but it was looking nice and pure.i googled a lot to know its name.atlast i got its name.Yes its Spider lily.

Yellow rain lilies

Ah...yellow rain lillies.On my Terrace garden these pot full of beautiful Yellow rain lilies wished me good day and set up the pace of my weekend these are summer flowers.it blossoms only in summer season.In summer it fills my gardens with its lovely flowers.it can be grown with seeds or we can use the bulb of this plants.
I have a pink rain lillies too,which didnt bloom this year.

Red Portulaca Grandiflora

I brought this tiny red beauty plant from our native.I dont like this plants much,bcoz it is found everywhere.but now it is rare to see these tiny little flowers.moreover i fell in love with those vibrant coloured flowers.Looks nice na???

Yellow Portulaca Grandiflora

Lavender Portulaca Grandiflora

Lavender Portulaca Grandiflora

I love this Morning bloom Lavender flowers alot.I just love the colour so mild and eye pleasing.It reminds me of my childhood days.In those days Every house had this moss roses pots in their balcony.it comes in various colours and it is easy to grow through stem cutting.


Anonymous said...

a great collection of flowering plants.. next time, if possible, take the pictures with a more resolution camera, definitely there will be much accolades coming your and your plants' way.

Seema said...

Wow Prabhavathi............wonderful flowers...So dear when will you invite us for evening tea?so that we can also enjoy here with the wonderful company of these beautiful flowers and yours..........

sush said...

nice gare. Iam a vivid lover of plants too. catch me back on http://sushmaspage.blogspot.com

Prabhavathi said...

@ thephoenixarts :
Thank u...Yeah sure.actually i took it with my Mobile camera.Next time will click with cam.
@ Seema :
Soon dear.u r always welcome and thanks for ur comments.
@ sushma:
Sure sushma.its my pleasure

POOJA... said...

great clicks... n must say having a flowery garden...
m also having few picks... n will sure share some day...

Prabhavathi said...

@ Pooja:
Thank u.

Rajendra Raikwar said...

Very nice

Aaliyah Copes said...

these flowers are v beautiful, i enjoy looking at them. :)