December 19, 2011

Award Time

I was totally down with viral fever for the past one week.Yesterday i somehow managed to get to work.while checking my mails i found a mail from a blogger friend.Just with a curiosity,i checked the mail.What a surprise!!!It was An Award from Meera ganesh.bells of happiness rang all over.A smile of happines spread on my face pushing the body pain aside.I never knew that she reads my blog or i havent gone through her blog.yesterday i went through her blog,it was really my eyes were burning and my fingers were so numb to type anything.I somehow managed copy paste to Thank her and curled back into the blanket.Thank you Meera...

Today iam feeling better but still cold and cough is there.Now let me Thank meera for giving this loving Award.
Thank you so much Meera for Reading my blog and for the award.Iam so happy.
My first blogger Award!!!
And as a rule,Iam supposed to say 7 things and pass it on.

1. Iam a great lover of Art.
2. Iam kinda jack of all trades and master of all too.
3. I love travelling but unfortunately no sponsers available [:(]
4. I wanna buy a mansion with a beautiful garden full of my favourite flowers and plants.
5. My day always dawns with a strong cup of coffee
6. Iam afraid of lizards and snakes.
7. I like rain,rainbow and nature.

Now here goes the award to:
1.Krishna priya
2.Arun prasad
4.bindhu juneja
9.Kim anh thi
11.sheril benedict
14.saru sighal

So the award comes with certain rules and they are as follows

* Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers
* Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
* Share 7 random things about yourself
* Thank the Blogger who nominated you
* Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post

November 26, 2011

Govinda Hari Govinda Song Lyrics

Govinda Hari Govinda Song Lyrics - Lord Vishnu Devotional Songs Lyrics

This is one of my favourite song.I sing this song not only while doing puja,I sing this to make my niece and nephews to sleep.This gives kinda energy while working.I just love this song.

Govinda… Govindaaaaaa…
Govinda… Govindaaaaaa…

Sri Srinivasa Govinda
Sri Venkatesa Govinda
Bhaktavatsala Govinda
Bhagavatapriya Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Nityanirmala Govinda
Neelameghasyama Govinda
Puranapurusha Govinda
Pundarikaksha Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Nandanandana Govinda
Navaneeta Chora Govinda
Pasupalaka Sri Govinda
Papavimochana Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Dushtasamhara Govinda
Durita Nivarana Govinda
Sishta Paripalaka Govinda
Kashta Nivarana Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Vajramakutadhara Govinda
Varahamurtivi Govinda
Gopijanalola Govinda
Govardhanoddhara Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Dasarathanandana Govinda
Dasamukha Mardhana Govinda
Pakshivahana Govinda
Pandavapriya Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Matsya Kurma Govinda
Madhusudhana Hari Govinda
Varaha Narasimha Govinda
Vamana Brughurama Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Balaramanuja Govinda
Bhouddha Kalkidhara Govinda
Venuganapriya Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Sitanayaka Govinda
Sritaparipalaka Govinda
Daridrajanaposhaka Govinda
Dharmasamsthapaka Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Anatha Rakshaka Govinda
Aapdbhandhava Govinda
Saranagatavatsala Govinda
Karunasagara Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Kamaladalaksha Govinda
Kamitaphaladata Govinda
Papavinasaka Govinda
Pahi Murare Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Srimudrankita Govinda
Srivatsankita Govinda
Dharaninayaka Govinda
Dinakarateja Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Padmavatipriya Govinda
Prasannamurti Govinda
Abhayahasta Pradarsana Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Sankachakradhara Govinda
Sarngja Gadhadara Govinda
Virajateerastha Govinda
Virodhimardhana Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Sahasranama Govinda
Sarasijanayana Govinda
Lakshmivallabha Govinda
Lakshmanagraja Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Kasturitilaka Govinda
Kanchanambaradhara Govinda
Garudavahana Govinda
Ganalola Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Vanarasevita Govinda
Varadhibandhana Govinda
Ekaswarupa Govinda
Saptha Gireesha Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Sri Rama Krishna Govinda
Raghukula Nandana Govinda
Pratyakshadeva Govinda
Paramadayakara Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda
Vaibhava Murthy Govinda
Rathna Kireeda Govinda
Vasudevatanaya Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Brahmandarupa Govinda
Bhaktarakshaka Govinda
Nityakalyana Govinda
Neerajanabha Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Anandarupa Govinda
Aadyantarahita Govinda
Ihaparadayaka Govinda
Ibharajarakshaka Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 2

Sesha Shayini Govinda
Seshadrinilaya Govinda
Sirnivasa Govinda
Sri Venkatesa Govinda

(Govinda Hari Govinda
Venkataramana Govinda) 3

October 27, 2011


சில தினங்களாக
இதை தான்
உன் நினைவுகளை
பார்க்க துடிக்கிறதே மனம்...
உன் நிலை என்னவோ...???

யாரோ ஒருவன்...

உன் குரலை
வானில் பறப்பது
போன்று மனம்
இதயம் வேகமாக
ஓர் இனிய அவஸ்தை
நீ பேசும் மொழிகளின்
என் இயல்பை மாற்ற
உன்னால் தான் முடியும்!

என் அன்பே...

என் துன்பம் கண்டு
நீ துடிக்கிறாய்,
என் கண்ணீர் கண்டு
நீ துடைக்கிறாய்,
என் வேதனை கண்டு
நீ விம்முகிறாய்,
என் அன்பே...
என் நினைவுகளை
நீ காட்டுவாய்
கனவுகளை கூட
என் உயிரே...
உன்னை மறக்க
முடியாதே என்னால் !!!


Hello Everybody,
May millions of lamps illuminate your life
with endless joy,prosperity,health & wealth forever
Wishing you and your family a very


October 21, 2011

On The Sands Of Ramayapatnam Beach

I heard of Ramayapatnam Beach,but never been this time when i got an opportunity to visit the near by place.I went with mom and with my kitty group of nephews and their friends.The below picture is the Ramayapatnam village.

A haunted house was caught by my mobile at Ramayapatnam.

Ramayapatnam is a small fishing village about 20 kilometers north of kavali(prakasam district) in Andhra Pradesh on the bank of the Bay of Bengal Ocean.

Racing waves
I just love the music of racing waves which tries to catch eachother and fails everytime but never loose it hope.

When we reached the beach the setting sun is bidding good bye for the day by painting the sky with vibrant colours and making everything around as a silloutte which is a feast for the eyes.

The waves of the beach is eagerly coming to Kiss my feet with its warmth of chillness.

The beach is quite calm with very few visitors that makes the atmosphere pretty clean and neat.This very place is a fantastic location for any poet or writer to let their creative imagination pour in.I just loved the beach alot.

He was very shy to pose for the snap,somehow i managed to click this snap.

look at my nephews having fun in water in the below picture.If you are a nature lover,looking to get some fresh air and peace,looking to get away from the hectic city life,this is a wonderful place for you.with a panoramic view of the Light house in front.

we can see the light house nearby,but by the time we reached there it was closed.
Light house at a distance

Our Kitty group has exploring into the sea happily.

My nephews were giving a cheerful pose kneeling down in the sea water experiencing the cool waves touching their knees every now and then.we played in the water catching cute tiny crabs and letting it back in the water.They keeps jumping out of our hands and hids themselves with sand.

another quick snap before the waves reach for them.

Mom and cousins are busy in collecting shells.As we stroll by,we saw the catamarans and few fishermen mending their nets.Iam very much interested to cruise in that tiny piece of wood called as " Catamaran " but mom didnt allow us,so I just took a memorable snap sitting on it with mom and with our gang.The fishermen gifted me fresh fishes,which is worth around 100rs but for me its priceless.

while strolling through the beach i found the broken piece of lord ganesha's hand after the immersion of god.He is blessing us with that broken hand too.

I found this beautiful sea urchin on the sands of the beach.A piece of gift from the treasure of bay of bengal.soon i will use it in my gel candle,which will remain fresh forever and bring back the memorable evening I spent there.

For the very first time,I saw a living shell creeping on the sands.It was so beautiful.before i tried to click the snap of cousin grabbed it in her hand, soon it pulled its body inside the shell.So we brought it home with a collection of other shells.just loved the shells in different shapes and colours.

One of the beautiful shell turned out to be a candle for this diwali.A treasure i got from the sea will tell a tale of the sea.

I was just playing on the sand like a mad artist scribbling on the sand to express his love for the beauty it holds.

spread love

I love to scribble my name on the sand decorated with spikey shells that i found on the shore.

Prabha on the Sands

Crab that we found
We caught a crab that was playing in the waves.after clicking a picture we let it go.

My Family


My angel

My Nephew

One thing which we really missed was to explore the Light house and the beautiful church as it was closed when we reached there.We had an enchanting experience on the Beach.


On the last day of our trip in hyderabad.I was copying our Tatkal Tickets to my pen drive from the laptop tasting the juicy Imartis.

"Akka,We are leaving back without seeing the charm of charminar.If i say this to my friends,they will laugh at me" my cousin reminded in a dull voice.

"Then Dont give that chance to Them" I winked at her.Our train was at 6.30 pm only,But we are in the outskirts of secunderabad. so we have to start early so that we can catch the train.I too don't want to miss the visit to the historical monument and the bangles sold out there.So We had a quick lunch and set out in an auto to charminar.

I clicked the market when our auto crossed the mozamjahi market,which looked like a mini fort.almost all buildings in the old city has a touch of Nizams Architecture.Mozam Jahi Market was constructed during the reign of the last Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan. It was named after his second son Mozam Jahi.Just opposite to this Stone structure is the KARACHI BAKERY very famous for its Osmania Biscuits.

After a long two hours journey,the charminar came into the picture.It is located in old city of hyderabad.

A monument that was built to commemorate the eradication of the plague by muhammad quli qutb shah,which stood as majestic tourist atrraction till date.

This place is always crowdy with loads of people.we have seen three to four police jeeps patrolling around the monument,watching eveyone keenly for the security purpose.

Charminar is a beautiful square monument with highly pointed minarets.It derives its name (Char - four and Minar - spire/ tower) from these four gracefully carved flute minarets.

Charminar is one of the finest example of the nizams architecture.Delicately carved minarets we can go inside the giants arches which led to four royal roads.Each of the four arches has a artistically inbuilt clock in it.

This is the Security office inside the charminar.

There is a beautiful fountain inside the charminar to welcome the visitors.

The roof of the charminar is quite intricate and Awesome.

A look from the top storey of the charminar.

Vendors were selling goods outside the monument.I purchased a jade necklace sets for my darling niece and vana.The thriving market around the charminar is crowded with shops,which sells the Pearls and exquisite glass bangles in vivid colours with intricate work on it.Every girl wish to decorate her hands with this Bangles.I bought bangles from chudi Bazaar for everyone at home...

The monument overlooks another beautiful mosque called Mecca or makkah masjid.

After our Bangle shopping we hurried back home to pick aunt and to catch the train in time.It was a another memorable trip.

October 18, 2011

Easy way to remember rahu kalam

Rahukala is a period of about one and half hours every day that is under the rule of Rahu. This period is considered unlucky for any auspicious ventures.According to the astrologists opinion the work started in the Rahukaal / Rahukalam will attract misfortune.

whenever mom asks me to check the timings i have to check the calender.Remembering the rahu kala time is quite difficult for many of us.Eventhough we can recollect the rahu kala timing of few days we couldnt completely remember it for all the other days.while surfing the net to find a solution for this.I got this phrase,which is pretty easy to remember.

"Mother Saw Father Wearing The Turban Suddenly"

How simple na???henceforth no need for calendar.

M(other)- 7:30 - 9:00 - MONDAY
S(aw) - 9:00 - 10:30 - SATURDAY
F(ather) - 10:30 - 12:00 - FRIDAY
W(earing) - 12:00 - 1:30 - WEDNESDAY
TH(e) - 1:30 - 3:00 - THURSDAY
TU(rban) - 3:00 - 4:30 - TUESDAY
SU(ddenly) - 4:30 - 6:00 - SUNDAY

October 17, 2011

Gift From Dove

Whenever i get an Email saying that "Bag our gift today." I just ignore it thinking that it might be a virus or a fake mail.But this time,it was sent through INDIBLOGGER.So I couldnt ignore like before,having trust in the Indiblogger, i just registered for the dove gift hamper.

To my utter Surprise i received this lovely gift hamper from dove.Atlast Dove proved that "All the mails are not Fake" Thank you DOVE for the Surprise gift that came in a cute golden bag,filled with golden pearls of styrofoam balls.I used those tiny pearls to decorate my little bouquets.

October 16, 2011

Portrait of Ryan

This is my first pencil sketch portrait of Ryan.A sweet little handsome of my friend Reena and Nathan.He is such a adorable kid.He came along with his parents to invite me for his first birthday.I liked his snap in the invitation i just tried out my hand in sketching late in 2000.The sketch was so good but unfortunately the photo got blurred :(

October 15, 2011


Silparamam is an arts and crafts village in hyderabad.It is situated quite adjacent to the cyber tower in Hi - Tech city at madhapur. So we stepped up in silparamam with our gang.

We entered the village admiring the craft and clicking few snaps through the majestic gateway flanked by two life-size terracotta horses and hanging terracotta wind chimes.

Look at the pictures how beautifully those sculptors are made.It looks like a real one.

Inside the gate way there is a statue of PANCHAMUKA GANESHA,Infront of him an antic Urli with artistic work on it,which is beautifully arranged with water and colourful flowers floating in it is a feast for eyes.

Artisans and craftsmen come from all over India to showcase their goods during exhibitions.Shopping is a wondrous thing at silparamam with hundreds of stalls. Textiles of different states are also sold here.We can buy goods directly from the makers.There is few Mehendi artists waiting for the girls to decorate their hands with their art of mehendi.I have to go to golkonda else i would have given my hand to one of those woman mehendi artists sitting in a row.

We had our snacks in a stall which served nice samosas and soft drinks.I shopped loads of stuff like key chains,gem stone sets,bracelets,bangles,antic show pieces,idols,designer diyas,wind chimes.terracotta urlis,Ear rings made out of different materials like glass,wood,plastic,bronze,sea shells,gem stones,clay,ceramic,crystals,pearls and what not???I grabbed as much stuff as i could.

I loved the houses with thatched roofs which is neatly designed with rangoli motifs.There is a Rocky museum too.

A woman resting under the shades of a tree with a baby in her hands in the lushy green garden guarded by the two terracotta horses.

Then we went for a boating in a pedal was quite amazing cruise through the terracotta statues,coconut trees and rocks.

Best season to visit silparamam is december and january.i couldnt able to click many pictures due to lack of time.After boating We are all tired and hungry,so we left to Bawarchi to taste the world famous Hyderabadi biryani on the way to golkonda fort.It was a wonderful trip.So if you visit Hyderabad, take a look, you'll find loads of treasures and fun.


Shilparamam Crafts Village,
Near Hi-Tech City,
Hyderabad - 500019

Entry fee :
Rs - 25