May 19, 2010


A Short story
By Prabhavathi.K

Payal was only daughter to Mr. & Mrs.Agarwal.
Payal was busy in submitting her application form to universities for her PG degree.

“Payal, why are you wasting your time and money for that applications? We are planning to marry you this year. come and help me in household chores and learn cooking”Payal’s mom called her from kitchen.

“No.mamma…I want to pursue my higher studies.
Don’t want to get marry now” she said firmly.

Mr.Agarwal,who overheard this conversation from the other room,came and sit on the arm chair and joined in their conversation.

“beta,I am retired now and I have saved that money for your marriage.In this situation I cannot afford money for your studies.”

“No problem papa. I can take education loan and pay it back when I get a nice job.”

“Okie beta, but after your marriage if your husband or in-laws don’t permit you to work then, how would you pay back?”

“I am not too old papa. after re-paying the loan I will get marry” Payal said.
however Her father was not satisfied with her reply. he kept quite.

She came near him and patted his shoulder warmly.
“papa, now a days education is very important for anyone, not like those olden days. I want to be independent.”

Beta,iam much more experienced in life. my friend’s son Dr.Rajeev would be a decent match for you.Himachal is not so far from our place.whenever we want to see you. we can visit you.”

he continued after a pause “we want to marry you before something happens to us.we dont know what fate has in store for try to understand me"

She was influenced by her father’s view.
“okie,as you wish”she said and left the room confused.

Mr.and Mrs.Agarwal was happy. he proceeded to do further arrangements.

Rock garden is one of his favourite place in chandigarh for evening walk which is pretty close to his house.he likes to walk among the sculptors made out of waste materials like discarded tube lights, rusting oil drums, broken tiles, shattered china and sanitary ware, glass bangles, unused building material, discarded street lights, burnt bricks, electrical fittings and wires, caps from bottles, bicycle handle bars etc.

That evening Agarwal happened to meet his old friend at Rock garden.

“Arey agarwal bhai,how are you? its been long time since we meet”

“Arey munna bhai,iam fine.what a surprise?Come lets sit for a while”
they sat on one of steps near the waterfall.

Munna asked,“how are you?hows is your daughter payal?is she married?”

“No munna bhai,she completed her BE and wants to pursue higher studies, but we have seen a boy for her, if everything works out. we will get her married soon”

There is a short pause and then he asked, “you tell, how things are with you? how’s your daughter ridhuma?”

Munna bhai kept quite.
Agarwal asked with a puzzle, “arey munna bhai,what happened?have I asked anything wrong?”

“what to tell agarwal bhai, we discontinued her studies and married her to our relative guy."He said.

He continued after a small pause “unfortunately he died in an she is suffering to support her family with her least education.

I have been a stupid father.i felt marrying her is my responsibility but I forgot to realize that educating a girl child is also our responsibility. if I would have educated her by then.she might not be suffering like this now.” he wiped his moist eyes.

Tears was just at the edge of Agarwal bhai's eyes.
“you are right munna Bhai,we will show more interest in marrying her rather than educating her.we always feel a girl child as burden only. but now you opened my eyes.”

"hmmm"he swayed his head in agreement with a heavy heart.

“Arey munna bhai,dont education system has improved ask your daughter to continue her studies through distance education.which may help her to get better job in future,also ask her to go for typing and computer class to get some basic knowledge."said agarwal bhai.

"Thank you bhai for your suggestions.i will surely inform her about this.
I think its getting late and we should move now Agarwal bhai.Please make a visit once as we are staying near Rose Garden only.”said munnai bhai and left the place.

After reaching home,Mr Agarwal lies down on his arm chair and says, “payal Beta,pursue your studies, till then no marriage plans”

“is it papa….???”
payal jumped in joy not aware of the reason for the sudden change in her father.



Kim Anh Thi Vo said...

a good story :)

Prabhavathi said...

Thanks a ton kim

Anonymous said...

wow..this story is really nice..i like it a lot..1 thing i want 2 mention...most of the parents think tat arranging marriage for the daughter is their biggest responsibility..but they also understand tat in this modern electronic age education is mandatory :)


Prabhavathi said...

Thanks alot Ashok for ur time and Appreciation...


its very good story every body shoud think about
it we must make our children litrate at any cost/because this is that tresure which no body can steal ever------ RAJAN TARIKA

Prabhavathi said...

Thank u Rajanji...

sowmi said...

fantastic..this story is really nice..i like it a lot..

Prabhavathi said...

hi,Thanks alot for ur loving comments sowmi